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Real Studio Not Responding [OSX Activity Monitor]
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Author:  DaveS [ Sun Apr 21, 2013 4:33 pm ]
Post subject:  Real Studio Not Responding [OSX Activity Monitor]

I have been using RealStudio for years now.... on an old MacPro up until a few weeks ago, when I replaced it with a 2012 iMac I7...
Since then I have been noticing (and so far only with RS)... that every so often I get a BeachBall... .and have to wait anywhere up to a MINUTE
before I can continue. I turned on Activity Monitor, and each time the beachball showed up, the "Real Studio" entry turns RED, and is marked "NOT RESPONDING".
After a few seconds to a minute, poof.. back to normal again. During this time. the CPU usage DOES NOT go crazy.... RS is using 2% or less, and usually it is the TOP CPU consumer at
the time.....

Anyone have any ideas? I mean I have the most up to date of all the important pieces.

Mountain Lion 10.8.3
2012 iMac I7 with 8gig Ram
Real Studio Personal R2012v2.1

One other perhaps important thing (and I hope this is NOT a contributor)

Real Studio is installed on the INTERNAL 1T HD in the iMac
however the PROJECT code is on a USB3.0 External Drive

Is there some caching mechanism that RS might be using and the USB drive is the culprit? If so, can that cache be redirected to the internal drive?

Author:  mjames0302 [ Sun Apr 21, 2013 7:22 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Real Studio Not Responding [OSX Activity Monitor]

I also experience this issue with a new iMac quad i5. Also on occasion Real Studio just abruptly dies while i am editing code. I have also been using RS for years and have not experienced this problem until 2012 release's. Any one any ideas?

I am running Mountain Lion. I do not run any other applications while using RS.


Author:  msssltd [ Mon Apr 22, 2013 5:54 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Real Studio Not Responding [OSX Activity Monitor]

I have seen the beach ball over the RS Window often and, in the absence of processor activity, I put it down to RS waiting on i/o.

In my experience, RS never really liked remote disks, particularly on OSX. Personally I am (usually) compiling code saved on a network share. When the connection to the share un-mounts for some reason, RS will fail to save the project, even after re-establishing the drive mapping - Tip: SaveAs still works.

Things seemed to be better on Windows, until I last upgraded. RS2012R1 on Windows7 x64 has been totally unusable with projects saved on the network, for me. Project edits just stop working for no apparent reason. I make a change to the code, save the project but what get's compiled is the old source. Closing RS and re-opening the project file shows the save never took place. Other occasions, the IDE just completely stops accepting keystrokes in any code edit window - and tapping the shift key doesn't fix it.

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