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Author:  beginner_kev [ Mon Jul 16, 2012 8:58 pm ]
Post subject:  cracking software

Hi guys,
I have worked a long time now on a language learning program and i barely get by paycheck to paycheck as it is. This is a really great, awesome program with a lot of potential and i hate to see cracked versions posted everywhere because i could really use the extra money from the sales. I have setup to compile each persons software individually with their name and registration number posted in every window of the software, hardcoded into the executable file. This is a real pain, but if someone wants to share it their name will be all over it to let me know where to send the FBI when i report them. I do not offer instant downloads, only the full version and it does not ship until next day so I can compile their registered version (which is non-transferable of course like Rosetta Stone) and burn to the custom disc created using my Lightscribe. Can people get by this method as well, you think by dis-assembling the whole program to remove all the name/registration entries... I'm hoping their name being in it will stop them from giving it out to others for fear of jail .....anybody ???

Author:  DaveS [ Mon Jul 16, 2012 9:12 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: cracking software

of course they can get by it.... anyone determined to crack your program cannot stop them.... slow them down by a few minutes maybe.

If it were possible to create a 100% crack-proof method, don't you think companies like Microsoft and Apple would be utilizing it? Apple doesn't waste the expense, offering their software (for the most part) at a price most people will buy it. Micro$oft utilizes highly structured public/private key systems, with remote server authorization, and raises their prices to cover this extra wasted security.

All you can do is make if difficult for the "average" user, a determined hacker with the proper tools won't even be slowed down by anything you attempt to throw at them.

I had a program with what I thought was a "tough to crack" protection scheme.... a member of this forum took a total of 15 minutes to not only "crack" my code, but told me every key and file I used. Note : he did this to show me the futility of the exercise, not to steal my software.

Author:  arthofer [ Tue Jul 17, 2012 3:00 am ]
Post subject:  Re: cracking software

Hey there!

As Dave said - everything is crackable. And if billion-dollar enterprises cant build a working protection, why should you be able.

- Individual compilations:
A pain in the ass. It may be easily removed from the source code.
It would be easier if you have registration information with a name + serial where you embedd a hash or signature in the serial code (doable with RSA signatures).
So you write your software once and write a keygen for yourself to create the serial numbers.

A simple scheme would be that you store the hash of Username+program+secret in the serial number and check for that in code.
It would be easy to bypass, but you dont need so much time to send your software to customers.
If you want to, i could give you some ideas how to create a small serial number class.

- You know their name and send the FBI
You cant check every identity thats sent to you...and the FBI wont be that interested if someone copies software in a small scale.

- Dis-assemby
Its "easy" and not a huge work to remove/alter some strings in a binary file.

- Fear of Jail
I dont think they would fear it. They either would use fake information for the signup or would just remove it.

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