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editfield is visible when it should not be
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Author:  BigCarl [ Tue Mar 01, 2011 11:35 am ]
Post subject:  editfield is visible when it should not be

the problem has to do with edit fields being visible that should not. one of the characteristics of a variable can be shown with 1 or 3 edit fields. the value of a characteristic in a file that i open should be displayed with one edit field. but when i open it, the other two fields are also visible although they should not be as they were set (and checked with breaks) to false. AND ALTHOUGH VISIBLE, THEY CANNOT BE INTERACTED like enabled = false but they are white just like the active boxes not gray like the inactive ones. i have put a break point at every change of visible for the field and they only show visible as false before being visible.

when i start the program and open a file, the problem happens. when i open a second file it goes away - the fields are not visible even when opening the same data file.

a strange mystery.

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