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 Post subject: Help Needed with REALbasic for Dummies
PostPosted: Sat Jan 28, 2006 8:27 am 

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I am having trouble trying to get anything useful from the CD-ROM that comes with Erick Tejkowski's REALbasic for Dummies book.

I can catalog the CD in Windows (and even read the Readme.txt file), but the catalog doesn't make sense (the size of a file is sometimes given as 0 KB). Is there any way to use these files with the Windows version of REALbasic?

Here are some comments from he Readme.txt file:

"Tasty Bytes category
Sample files from the book, by the author. For Mac. These files contain all the sample code from the book, as well as accessory files for creating fun and useful applications. You can browse these files directly from the CD, or you can copy them to your hard drive and use them as the basis for your own projects. To find the files on the CD, open the Tasty Bytes folder. To copy the files to your hard drive, just drag the Tasty Bytes folder to your hard drive.

"Source code snippets, by the author
For Mac. Handy source code examples to accompany the sample code in the book. The short pieces of code demonstrate methods for accomplishing various common tasks. They are stored in Text Clipping format. To use the code in your REALbasic project, open the Code Editor to the desired location and drag the Text Clipping into the REALbasic Code Editor. You may also open Text Clipping in the Finder and choose Edit@-->Copy to paste the code example to the clipboard. Later, you can insert it into your REALbasic project by choosing Edit@- ->Paste."

I realize that the Readme.txt file says "For Mac," but the book was written apparently when you could compile RB programs for Windows as well as for the Mac (but, if I understand correctly, you could write them only on a Mac and not on Windows).

Could the sample RB programs and RB code snippets on the CD-ROM be loaded into RB 5.5.x or another relatively recent version of RB for the Mac (say, RB 3.5, if such exists)? Could they then be saved as a .RB or .XML file or some other format file that Windows could handle?

Any help people may be able to pass on will be gratefully received.

Warm regards,

Barry Traver

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 Post subject: Re: Help Needed with REALbasic for Dummies
PostPosted: Sun Jun 17, 2012 1:00 am 
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I bought the book, but unfortunately it came without the CD...
I did test most of the code from the book typing, so I may not have the specific examples from the Cd.

Is there a specific chapter you would like to review ?


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It is not the language that makes programs appear simple.
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