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 Post subject: building RB app with plugin shared methods gives Error
PostPosted: Fri Dec 28, 2007 12:51 pm 

Joined: Tue Feb 07, 2006 11:40 am
Posts: 38
Help!! - this is not a good way to end the year..

I am getting a "filesystem error 101, for Frameworks" when I attemt to do a
build on a test RB app that uses a plugin class i wrote that has two shared
methods. Whenever I build rb code that calls the shared method I get the
above error. Soon as i comment out the RB line accessing the plugin class
shared method the RB app builds fine.

Are there any issues to watch out for ? Both the plugin shared methods have
an argument passed which is a reference to another plugin class.

Here is the code in question - it uses the recent API for defining shared methods in a plugin:

//********** Marks::CreateInstance() ***************************
static int RB_Marks_CreateInstance(void* unused, REALobject pMarks)
pMarks = REALnewInstance( MarksRBRef );

ClassData(RB_Marks, pMarks, RB_Marks_Data, data );

MarksIf* pMarks;
int err = Marks::CreateInstance( pMarks );
data->iClass = ( Marks*) pMarks;

//********** Marks::DestroyInstance() ***************************
static int RB_Marks_DestroyInstance( void* unused,Marks pMarks)
//********** Marks Shared Methods Structure Definition ***************************
REALmethodDefinition RB_Marks_RBSharedMethods[] = {
{(REALproc) RB_Marks_CreateInstance, REALnoImplementation, "CreateInstance( ByRef pMarks As Marks ) As Integer" ,REALconsoleSafe },
{(REALproc) RB_Marks_DestroyInstance, REALnoImplementation, "DestroyInstance(pMarks As Marks ) As Integer",REALconsoleSafe },

//********** Marks REALclass Definition ***************************
REALclassDefinition RB_Marks = {
nil, // superclass
sizeof( struct RB_Marks_Data), // data struct size
0, // reserved
(REALproc) RB_Marks_Initializer, //initializer
(REALproc) RB_Marks_Finalizer, //deinitializer
NULL, // property list
0, // property count
sizeof( RB_Marks_RBMethods) / sizeof(REALmethodDefinition), // method count
NULL, // events
0, // event count (how many events)
NULL, // event instances
0, // event instance count
NULL, // interfaces
NULL, // obsolete1
NULL, // obsolete2
NULL, // Constants
0, // Constantcount
REALconsoleSafe, // mFlags
NULL, // sharedProperties
0, // sharedPropertyCount
RB_Marks_RBSharedMethods, // shared method struct
sizeof( RB_Marks_RBSharedMethods) / sizeof(REALmethodDefinition), // property count

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