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Trimesh Runs Slow, RB3D Can't Handle Many Objects
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Author:  TiG4 [ Mon Nov 13, 2006 2:49 pm ]
Post subject:  Trimesh Runs Slow, RB3D Can't Handle Many Objects


I'm beginning to develop the code for a 2d game I'm designing. It's a 2D space game that is using an RB3D space. However, I want to have particle effects, not many but just for aesthetics, but when I run the particle demo, even at the default 800 objects it probably gets 4 fps. I'm using a MacBook Pro so it's definitely not my computer.

Do you all think it's even a feasible idea to make such a game with a RB3D environment if there are going to be upwards of 100 - 200 ships in view at a time.



Author:  biohazard [ Thu Nov 16, 2006 7:30 pm ]
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Hello George,

this is strange. I have a up to 2000 trimesh objects (squares with textures) in a RB3D space without having such performance problems. It is only getting slow if many objects overlay each other with transparency (but never only 4 fps on a AMD X2 3800/Radeon 850 XT).
Do you add your 800 trimesh objects with Rb3DSpace.objects.Append and do you remove them with Rb3DSpace.objects.Remove several times again? If yes please check your memory usage with Runtime.memoryUsed and Runtime.objects. You might see that Append+Remove is always leaving a lot of objects behind (+used memory) - this memory leak slows down the RB3D space dramatically. It is described in

You might want to have a look to the SuperSprite Surface if you design a 2D game. Seems to be excellent for that (I could't test it because it is unfortunately not running on Windows yet).



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