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 Post subject: Animating 3D objects
PostPosted: Tue Oct 04, 2005 5:23 am 
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I will hopefully soon get to grips with working in 3D and stop having to ask a question every five minutes, but until then.

For animating a 3D Object, I understand that I can move, rotate and various actions on the object itself. But if I wanted to make a character walk, would I use the AddShape method and then when I need to I cycle through the shapes that I have added to that object?

Sam Rowlands
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 Post subject:
PostPosted: Tue Oct 04, 2005 6:58 am 

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That's one way to do it, but if you want smoother animations, you should perhaps check out this:

"3D Animation Builder Alpha 3 for REALbasic

Download: ...

What's new?
- Copying now works
- Is now memory efficient by sharing everything except the vertex positions
- Can now easily copy subclassed Animation3D
- New FPS info in the Animation Builder to see how fast the animation runs
- Reordering of animation states in the Animation Builder
- Runs a bit faster
- Runs better in game
- Is now Windows compatible

Finally add animation to your RB games with ease! Uses only about 30-60% more RAM than a non-animating object

How easy?
1. Add the Animation3D classes to your project
2. Make sure the super classes of all the Object3Ds you want animated is a Animation3D
3. Load the animation you created using the Animation Builder by calling .LoadFromFile(f as folderitem)
3. Call the .UpdateAnimation(timepassed as double) in your game loop to update the animation
4. Call the Play, Stop, and SetAnimationState(name as string) methods to control your animation

Animation States:
SetAnimationState(name as string)
MorphToState(name as string, Duration as double)

Support for Level of Detail:
- Set the level of detail in game with the method:
SetLevelOfDetail LOD//1=High 2=Medium 3=Low

Checking the state of your animation:
- Animation3D.isPlaying as boolean
- Animation3D.CurrentAnimationState as AnimationState
- Animation3D.CurrentAnimationName as string
- Animation3D.CurrentAnimationIndex as integer

Playback options for AnimationState:
- AnimationState.isLooping as Boolean
- AnimationState.isReversed as Boolean
- AnimationState.isLoopBackAndForth as boolean
- AnimationState.SetPosition(Time as double)
- AnimationState.SetFrame(frame as double)
- AnimationState.FrameCount as integer

Animation3D.Copy as Animation3D

Cloning a subclass of Animation3D:
mySubclass(Animation3D.Copy(new mySubclass)) as mySubclass

To do:
- Support for multi texturing

The 3D Animation Builder uses the MBS Plugin collection for the multi-folderitem dialog box. If you would like to modify the code, make sure you have the MBS plugin or remove that section of code and replace it with the standard single folderitem dialog box.

Lo Saeteurn

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 Post subject:
PostPosted: Tue Oct 04, 2005 9:01 am 

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Now that RB allows you to work with the models at the vertex level, perhaps we'll see some skeletal animation classes.

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