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SpriteSurface: Moving sprite leaves trail on Vista/Windows 7
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Author:  sarah_rb [ Thu Oct 27, 2011 3:48 am ]
Post subject:  SpriteSurface: Moving sprite leaves trail on Vista/Windows 7

SpriteSurface: Moving sprite leaves trail on Vista/Windows 7

I am updating a system that makes use of RealBasic's SpriteSurface and the issue is that when sprites move they leave behind a trail of color wherever they have been. The color is not a solid color but at about 20% intensity of the color of the original sprite - underlying background images appear faded where the sprite has been. This occurs on Windows 7 and Vista only, XP is unaffected. The Mac platform is unaffected. All programs containing SpriteSurface and moving sprites are affected.

- The sprites and the SpriteSurface both have a bit depth of 32 bits. Going down to 24 bits and up to 64 bits has no effect.
- Running the program in XP compatibility mode has no effect.
- Placing one or more MoviePlayer control objects onto the window has no effect.
- SpriteSurface1.Refresh and SpriteSurface1.Update in the NextFrame event has no effect.
- SpriteSurface.Run / Timer and SpriteSurface.Update: No effect.
- Moving away from RBs SpriteSurface is not an option right now.

This issue has been noted in the past without a stable resolution being found: ... 28-3.shtml
viewtopic.php?f=4&t=9263 ... 01271.html

I am using RB 2011 Release 3, professional edition. It is not clear if this is due to changes to RB Release 3.

There must be a way around this? Can anyone please help - I am out of ideas! I am aware the SpriteSurface is no longer a supported facility. It is however still used by many. I am also aware of SuperSpriteSurface and similar open source projects - I need a quick fix here rather than a full-scale redevelopment.

Thanks in advance - Sarah

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