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Lord of the Cyclops!
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Author:  DrDungeon [ Sat Jun 05, 2010 9:17 pm ]
Post subject:  Lord of the Cyclops!

I got a LOT of advice on these boards and cannot thank you guys enough for help on many, many questions I had! That's why I am posting this NEWS first and foremost on the mighty REAL Software Forums. Programmed entirely in REALBasic....

ULTIZURK IV: Lord of the Cyclops is basically done!! Needs some playtestin'! What is it?? You can see the whole thing here:

If not, feel free to email me at my mac address:

ULTIZURK IV is a large and incredibly detailed new computer role-playing game! Its nothing at all like my old DOS stuff. (Search Ultizurk 3 on the net)

Right now, it is on just the Mac! The big thing about UZ4 is that while it has all the role-playing fixings, etc., its biggest brag is a very interactive world - stylistically similar to something like Ultima 7. Yes, you can bake bread and much more. Pick fruit for food, herbs for potions, make swords, trim sheep, use a weaving loom, chop ore from dungeons. Pop popcorn, etc.

Right now, as I write, an Indy film-maker is working on a complete music score. I already have over 100 sound effects in a game filled with over 3,000 tile graphics. It was an insanely complicated process that I have been working on in one form or another for nearly ten years. Project of my life - hardest thing I ever did. Never would have got done without advice from you guys on many topics!

There are wilderness areas to explore! Villas and cottages dot the land, volcanic regions bubbling in lava, desolate icy northlands. Farmlands and creepy dungeons abound. Day and night cycle, calendar - the works!

There are Amazons, willing to fight or teach. Castles with tall spires and waving flags, hundreds of NPC's. A party of 4 you create to explore Dr. Dungeon's bizarre new world!

And Ol' Killer-Jack Bill, the nutty but helpful fellow - hiding out in his sewers, dancing with the Amazons, or running a lemonaid stand in the fire-laden Blasted Lands. The lovely Water Witch, and her sister, the Fire Witch. A complete shipyard to sail to faraway places. Monsters weird and wonderful, like the WereShades that roam the Grizbon Plateau, ghosts, fire elementals, even snakemen.

And behind it all a strange invasion about to take place: The cyclops are coming, and no one knows who or what they are.

I need play-testers, of course! Although I think its pretty error-free. This should all be ready to test in a week or two, I think.

If you're interested, please write me! We got to keep the classic genre alive.

I need your help guys! Check the site, let me know what you think!
Until then, bold adventurers and developers, I remain yours,
-Dr. Dungeon
-In The Castle of
-The Mach Gryphon

Note: Right now its set as a Mac Intel-native program. It needs a res of 1680x1050 or higher - more about this later. Cheerio!

Author:  Valien [ Mon Jun 07, 2010 10:41 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Lord of the Cyclops!

Being that REALStudio does cross-platform work any reason why you couldn't make a Windows build as well? Just curious. It sounds really cool though!

Author:  DrDungeon [ Tue Jun 08, 2010 8:59 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Lord of the Cyclops!

Yes - I likely will. I may have to make masks though because if I remember correctly the Mac is double-buffered - I use the
Transparent = 1 on many of the graphics and unsure if it will work that way in windows. The file i/o would have to be changed also, but over-all it might not be too hard for a windows build. Another good reason to use RB! Once I have the Mac version well-tested as far as logic, any bugs, etc., I will likely proceed to windows.

The interesting thing I discovered in experimenting is that you can make the windows build right on the Mac! -Robert

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