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[ANN] RB3D GL v0.35 release
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Author:  jquan [ Tue Mar 23, 2010 3:51 pm ]
Post subject:  [ANN] RB3D GL v0.35 release

This new release for my RBGL replacement classes primarily focuses on bug fixes. One of the fixes means that the trackball-like demo I've included with every version now actually works properly.

NOTE: I'm looking for help with Linux. While I have code in the constructor that initializes for Linux (see glSpace.Constructor and search for "#elseif TargetLinux"), I have no way of testing whether this works now (I got the code from a book).

New items for this release:
- glCopyTexSubImage2D was incorrectly declared for RB2009r2 and lower (correctly declared for RB2009r3 and above, however).
- MatrixMath.Mult4x4Matrix multiplication order switched. Previously multiplied B x A instead of the expected A x B.
- MatrixMath Module removes matrix stuff from glManager Module.
- glGroup3D.Opacity is now working.
- Update to Quaternion.MultiplyBy. Older version may have been inaccurate.
- OpenGL declares to built-in OpenGL Module now only for RB2009r3 and above.
- Stability improvements to grabbing large screenshots.
- Texturing mistakes cleaned up. Before, it was possible that a texture might be applied to the wrong object under certain circumstances. Note that more fixes may be still forthcoming in this area.

Download at

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