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Author:  Amando [ Sun Mar 14, 2010 6:13 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Contest!

I find this proposal really interesting, and want to contribute with my experience developing an MMORPG written in RB.

GUI: We really need GUI classes that helps us to create games with graphical screens, buttons, sliders, ala Diablo that in my opinion has a wonderful GUI.
TILES: We need tiles and a map to load animated/static sprites on a canvas
SPRITES: Dealing with loading and handling sprites. movement, collision, bigger sprites on a single tile, etc
EFFECTS: particle system to create top-notch effects
AI: A*STAR movement, etc...

I will break down all the nitty gritty of a gaming engine and create classes for games, instead of a Galaga clone, etc.

It's what we need and will make RS a gaming compiler. Look at other compilers such as Blitzmax, etc and you will find frameworks for starting your game.

IMHO I will focus on these areas instead of doing a whole game. Once these classes are ready, we can develop games


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