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 Post subject: Newbie question: creating a word list in a database?
PostPosted: Tue Feb 26, 2013 5:17 am 

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Hi all,

my last SQL experience was about 25 years ago, and my current attempt at getting my head around databases hits the usual amount of brickworks (well, maybe more than usual).

WI'm using the build-in database, and what I need to do is basically make a table of sentences, create a word list including a count, and correlate these two (in reality it is protein sequences and peptides from a digest but that's just semantics).

As I understand it:

• sentences have many words
• each work can be in many sentences
-> so there should be a many to many relationship for which I need a link table

- Sentence_ID
- SentenceText
- NumberOfOccurences

- Word_ID
- WordText
- NumberOfOccurences

- Sentence_ID
- Word_ID

My problem now: words and sentences should only occur once in their respective tables. There is a property NumberOfOccurences which keeps track of how often a word occurs.

But how to do this in actuality?

To ensure that a word only occurs once I set the WordText to be unique.

But how do I now insert a word into the table?

I add a sentence to the table SENTENCES, split it, ... and now I'm unsure of how to proceed. How do I insert the word into the WORDS table and WORDS_IN_SENTENCES table?

I have a feeling that I need to check if a word is in WORDS, if so just add it to WORDS_IN_SENTENCES, if not add it to both, and at the very end (after processing all sentences) for each word count in WORDS_IN_SENTENCES how often it appears. Would that be the correct way of doing it? And how do I get the ID?

Considering my "word list" could be several hundred thousand's of words long speed might be an issue ...

Thanks for any advice.


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