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Sessions with IE8 not closing
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Author:  plim [ Thu May 30, 2013 12:52 am ]
Post subject:  Sessions with IE8 not closing


I have a CGI web app running with an admin page that lists all the open sessions (using App.SessionAtIndex(i)). The App is set to autoquit (when all the sessions are closed) and the sessions are set to timeout after 20 minutes but opening a standard html page (Apache, not the web app).

I've noticed in the session list that the are many old sessions (several hours) that look legitimate (page shown is valid, etc.), and they are all from IE 8.0 on Windows. If I send them the Session.Quit command, they disappear, but unlike with other browsers they do not "die a natural death", as it were.

Anyone know why these aren't closing on their own? Is there a problem with timeout on IE8?

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