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Session.Quit and reconnecting to Web session
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Author:  plim [ Mon May 13, 2013 8:57 pm ]
Post subject:  Session.Quit and reconnecting to Web session

Hi, I hope someone can help me better understand how Webssions behave after a user closes the browser.

This is what I understand of how RS Web behaves:
1. The App itself will only quit if Autoquit is set to True and all sessions are closed. The App.Timeout setting controls the time it takes the App to quit in this case.
2. Every browser window connecting to the webapp will have a new session created for it. If you close the window, the session will quit after a short period of time.
3. If you use Session.quit in code, then the client's browser will display the usual "disconnected" page and the session will quit as in 2.
4. If you set the Session.Timeout parameter, the timeout event will trigger and you can run whatever code you want, including Session.quit to disconnect the user.

Now here's the bit I don't understand: In the Help page for Websession.Quit, it says: "Ends the session. The user can still reconnect to the same session if they do so before the time specified in WebApplication.Timeout."

How does one actually connect back to the same session as before, after closing the browser? When I connect using a new window, a brand new session is created for that connection. (I understand from this forum that one could user cookies to identify an existing user and programmatically reload his last state.) The wording of the help above implies that it is actually possible to reconnect the client's browser window to the old session.

Also, does Webapplication.Timeout also determine how long the session object hangs around for after session.quit before it actually is destroyed?

Thanks in advance.

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