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 Post subject: listing the input devices on port audio
PostPosted: Wed Jul 20, 2011 4:46 am 

Joined: Fri Jan 08, 2010 9:59 am
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Hi there
I'm deep into forging a multitrack recorder with MBS portaudio and MBS quicktime!
It's working pretty well so far. I can create a click track by taking an editable move of 30 minutes and 2 editable movies of a hihat and a kick drum and by calculating the distance between each click (60/tempo) I can use the selectstart property of the editable move (here called MPB) and by using MPB.AddMovieSelectionMBS(kick) it pastes the kick file into the place where the click should be!

it's highly accurate and trying it between 30bpm and 330 it was stable (330 BPM was a lot to add so it took a couple of seconds)

I will post the code in the following post so you can have a look at it.

I extracted the cool portaudio examples that draws the wave form as you record - and it looks great (I changed the colors so it doesn't look like candy) and it records nicely. I syched that up with the quicktime player and I managed to use a timer to get them so that when I record the audio with the click and then add the 2 together in an editable movie, they playback synched. If anybody's interested in that, I'd be happy to help out.

However, I've been scouring the examples and the PDF on portaudio - and I didn't want to trouble Christian with this (The poor guy turns up on skype and suddenly 300 questions from your's truley are fired at him - he has been extremely help though!)

This is what I want to do (if anybody has any code snippets that would be awesome)
For the recording side, I want to fill a combobox with only the input options and when selected, the selected device is used to record (probably need to return the device ID or something)
Right now it uses the default recording device which ATM now is my webcam mic - but as I use lots of Asio products (mixers, pods etc...) like lots of musicians (my product is for guitar players and bass players) I need this option...

Can anybody help with this ... the code for the click creation is in the following post (quid pro quo)

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 Post subject: Re: listing the input devices on port audio
PostPosted: Wed Jul 20, 2011 4:57 am 

Joined: Fri Jan 08, 2010 9:59 am
Posts: 315
here's the code :
MPB = metronome playback
slong = how many seconds I want the click to go on
click tempo is the tempo I want
MCplayer = quicktime movie player (make sure that in the properties quicktime is selected as the preferred player - why? because then we, after blending the recorded tracks, can use the speed control in quicktimeMBS to change speed without changing pitch!

Mclick(clicktempo as integer, slong as integer, clickon1 as boolean)

#pragma DisableBackgroundTasks
dim f as FolderItem
dim hat as EditableMovie
dim kick as EditableMovie
dim i,j,k as integer
dim T as double

f =specialfolder.applicationdata.child("myApp").child("where").child("hat.wav") ' I got these sounds from logic :)
f =specialfolder.applicationdata.child("myApp").child("where").child("kick.wav")
f=specialfolder.applicationdata.child("myApp").child("where").child("cleantrack.mp3") '30 minutes track of nothing

do until MPB.SelectionStartMBS>slong

if clickon1=true and i=1 then
end if
if i=5 then i=1



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