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 Post subject: Poll: Which features would you pay for in Arbed?
PostPosted: Wed Jun 22, 2011 5:18 am 

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I've written the tool Arbed ( first for my own needs and later decided to offer it to all RB developers.

Eventually I came to a point where I decided to sell features of it.

Currently, it's an all-or-nothing offer: If you pay the $200, you get all the special features. Otherwise, you just have the basic ones (which aren't so bad, either).

By now, I've figured that most customers buy it mainly for Arbed's localization feature. There, the $200 are easily justified when you realize that you can be saving many hours of tedious work.

The other big feature is the project compare and merge feature. To most, paying $200 just for that seems to be too much.

Therefore I wonder if I should split the features up into separate purchases. The complete set including Localization would stay at the same price, while using the other features without Localization would be offered at a lower cost. Maybe $50 or $100.

What do others think? Have you tried out Arbed and would actually like to use the compare and merge feature, i.e. be able to save such merged projects, and pay for it? Or would even $50 still be too much and you'd rather export to XML or RBVCP format and manually merge difference with a plain text editor?

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 Post subject: Re: Poll: Which features would you pay for in Arbed?
PostPosted: Wed Jun 22, 2011 9:46 am 

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never needed arbed... never tried it... im gonna see what i can use in it (if i would need it someday).

Perhaps if you'd build mantis (has API for SOAP) into it so i can use it for my projects (SVN or something similliar) then it might be usefull to me. As i dont like to have 50 different programs to build on project (as a matter of speak).

Mantis is a bugtrack, feedback and user support system wich is free!

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