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 Post subject: to Select and Upload a file(any file perhaps)
PostPosted: Thu Mar 21, 2013 2:29 pm 

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Hi guys,

stuck on trying to use folderitem options....mainly for selecting a file/doc/pic, and assigning it for an item.

So basically, for wanna allow user to select pictures, and files/manuals to go with a product....then upload/assign them,so we will save those files somewhere specific to be retrieved.

so once the the product is established, they can "Select" the files needed for it, then "upload" to associate it with the products.

my issue, cant figure out a general way to get this done....manage to make it work with pictures, by drawing it to canvas, then saving it. e.g.:

*******to select a picture*********
Dim k As FolderItem
Dim p4 As Picture

k = GetOpenFolderItem("????")
if k <> nil then
p4 = k.OpenAsPicture

pic4 = NewPicture( p4.Width * factor, p4.Height * factor, 32 ) p4, 0,0,pic4.width,pic4.height, 0,0,p4.width,p4.height

end if

*************to save the picture somewhere specific************

Dim k as FolderItem
dim x as string

if k <> Nil then
MsgBox k.Name
//MsgBox k.AbsolutePath
filepath5.text = k.AbsolutePath //just for storing the path for product relation.
end if

the trick here is using the canvas as a middle man to store da picture....but now we want to upload anything (docs/xls/pdf/jpeg etc etc), so i dont think i can use this method, so how should i be doing this?

is there a way to do this in a more direct manner? not sure where to start with this? SaveAsDialog?

Appreciate any kinda help, or pointers about this....


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