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Will Xojo fix noteplayer output under Lion?
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Author:  seanclancy [ Sun Jun 02, 2013 5:36 am ]
Post subject:  Will Xojo fix noteplayer output under Lion?

I'm a Lion user - and I came to the Mac 2 years ago... I do my programming in Windows as I ditched VBbasic several years ago and have become a RS fan!

I'm also a professional musician and for the last 31/2 have been working on a groundbreaking music app in RS.
It works great on Windows. Needless to say, Noteplayer gets used a lot!

However... Noteplayer, when built for the Mac (I'm using the professional version), drops substantially in volume, so much so that
it becomes a strain to listen to it - and pretty unprofessional (at least for a music app).

I heard that this was a problem only in Snow Leopard and Lion, and has since been repaired in Mountain Lion.
Well, I couldn't help but notice. in the screen shots of Xojo, that noteplayer is still around!

I'm pretty sure that there a still loads of Lion and snow leopard users out there...

So - my question - has noteplayer been fixed for those operating systems?
Would it be better to tie the noteplayer to portaudio (which doesn't require window users to intall quicktime) rather than quicktime?
Maybe somebody here could make a noteplayer like wrapper that uses port-audio, but not so complicated like the MBS version (the manual behind a little incomprehensible - sorry Christian)

Author:  classone [ Sun Jun 02, 2013 12:48 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Will Xojo fix noteplayer output under Lion?

This issue with Lion and volume is an Apple issue, not an RS (Xojo) issue. IIRC, Geoff had a post awhile back indicating that Apple had very little interest in trying to fix this for SL and Lion. I wouldn't hold my breath. :-(

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