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Strange FigureShape Problem [SOLVED]
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Author:  DaveS [ Sat May 25, 2013 8:02 pm ]
Post subject:  Strange FigureShape Problem [SOLVED]

I am attempting to draw a shape the is convex on one end and concave on the other.
I am building it out of CURVESHAPES stored into a FIGURESHAPE

the coordinates (and the order applied) is as follows, in order to supposedly create a continous border in a counter-clockwise direction. Note : I have a very specific need the it create a single closed shape.... this app has over 300 shapes defined in a similar manner, and this is the ONLY one that doesn't draw correctly ....

L is a Order Curve Shape with end points at X1 and X2
A is a Order-1 Curve Shape with end points at X1 and X2 and Control Point at CX

L X1=16,60 X2=92,60
A X1=92,60 X2=76,30 cx=76,60
A X1=76,30 X2=92, 0 cx=76,0
L X1=92, 0 X2=16, 0
A X1=16, 0 X2= 0,30 cx= 0, 0
A X1= 0,30 X2=16,60 cx= 0,60

What I am getting is the TOP shape (with huge horizontal outliers)
What I WANT is the bottom Shape

NOTE : I just discovered something (that SHOULD not matter)...... If I draw the shape with SCALE=1 it comes out fine
If I increase the scale above 1... (actually is fine up to 1.49.... at 1.50 and above it freaks out) the horizontal lines appear..... and ONLY on this shape (the other 200+ shapes work perfect)

The only thing different between this shape and any other.. this is the only one with a Convex and Concave Arc... although there are others that create ovals using 4 arcs like this (yes... I have a reason for needing arcs and not ovalshapes in some cases).


Author:  DaveS [ Sun May 26, 2013 8:48 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Strange FigureShape Problem [SOLVED]

Workaround.... fudged the Y values of the ARC end points by 0.1 ... and while not mathematically correct it does draw the shape without the artifacts.... and the slight distortion is not visible until you get to very large scale values (beyond what would be selected in normal use)

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