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 Post subject: XOJO quality control,BUG fix policy & distribution schedule?
PostPosted: Mon Apr 29, 2013 1:30 pm 

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Hi guys.

Didn't sleep well last night, could be my XOJO concerns, haha.

I asked similar in another thread but the focus was put on the Pro forum so I thought I'd ask about the two most important things to me regarding XOJO products in their own thread :

XOJO quality and XOJO bug fixing polices.

My bottom line whether I (and many others) buy and continue to buy XOJO products are :

a. Whether or not they work well when I buy them.
Do the features work as advertised? This afterall is the reason we buy the product. We rightfully form expectations of our needs being met based on the advertising claims of the product's feature set.

Can I complete my projects as expected or am I too often fighting bugs requiring time consuming work arounds? I need to be able to complete my projects without constantly having to scramble for workarounds delaying or killing my goals and profits. Recently it seems RS has heard our complaints of low quality issues and have put more focus on higher quality which is great news :) BUT is that going to be the norm from now on or will things revert back to lower quality distributions as they have been in the past?

b. In the event there are bugs sold to me I need them to be fixed relatively quickly as they should be and without further expense to me as it should be. It is not the customer's fault for any broken features in the product he or she has purchased. It is the selling company's responsibility to make sure the product works as advertised at the time of sale. IF there are bugs and problems that come up it is the company's responsibility to fix their products and deliver those fixes to the customers as soon as possible without further charges. 'As soon as possible' here means if there are many important or critical bugs (or one or more critical bugs that are very time consuming to fix) in the distribution more internal resources need to be directed towards fixing the bugs and then getting those fixes to customers in a time appropriate manner and not spending those internal resources working on new stuff.

In other words, stop putting energy into adding new stuff when the stuff you already sold is is broken. Only until the stuff you already sold us works reliably well should energy be redireced towards new stuff.

These points are critical for professional and other serious developers using these products and they will be the deciding factor if the once again rebranded XOJO will be successful or not.

Like myself I'm sure many customers are wanting to know what are the XOJO (vs. REAL Studio) quality and bug fix polices?

Is there going to be more effort, the same effort, or less effort :

a. Put towards higher quality and quality testing before distribution/sales ?

b. Put towards rapidly fixing bugs and getting those fixes to customers?

Are we back on a 90 day release policy or is that out the window?

How will customers be treated compared to how they are treated 'today'?

Another critical factor which will either grow or shrink a company's customer base is how the customers are treated.

There are more than a few unhappy customers who got caught out by the suddenly changed overly delayed release schedule. It doesn't seem we've received any compensation for our troubles -whether or not our subscription expired or did not expire customers still lost out and are rightfully bitter.

I am very hopeful for the XOJO future but in reality unless there's a shift in quality effort it's just the same tiger with different stripes yet again.

If I were in control of this product and company one of the first things I would of done is sent all existing customers an email which states team XOJO has a new focus on higher quality and bug fixing and that all current and prior customers will receive a 40% discount on their renewals to make up for any inconveniences the delayed releases may have caused because we are grateful for your business.

Either that or grant them the last release regardless if their subscription ran out or not because of the broken distribution schedule.

The point I am trying to make is be very appreciative of your customers and treat them very well. If you do this, they will continue to happily support you and grow your company.

If you do not, perhaps keep changing names.

But then again, that's just me.

I apologize for writing a lengthy post, it was not my intention but I feel these issues are critical not only to customers but to team XOJO themselves.

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